Printech Archive, July, 1999: Re: Company Environmental Statement

Re: Company Environmental Statement

Thomas Barron (
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 15:32:17 -0700

Wendy -

The following is Pacific Gas & Electric Company's environmental mission
statement. The original is available on the web at:

I realize that PG&E isn't a printer, but their corporate statement
applies reasonably well to any enterprise.

Thomas Barron, PE
(925) 283-8121


Environmental Policy

We will:

Comply fully with the letter and spirit of environmental laws and
regulations, and strive to secure fundamental reforms that will improve
their environmental effectiveness and reduce the cost of compliance.

Consider environmental factors and the full acquisition, use, and
disposal costs when making planning, purchasing, and operating

Work continuously to improve the effectiveness of our environmental

Provide appropriate environmental training and educate employees to be
environmentally responsible on the job and at home.

Monitor our environmental performance regularly through rigorous

Seek to prevent pollution before it is produced, reduce the amount of
waste at our facilities, and support pollution prevention by our
customers and suppliers.

Manage land, water, wildlife, and timber resources in an environmentally
sensitive manner.

Use energy efficiently throughout our operations, and support the
efficient use of gas and electricity by our customers and suppliers.

Re-use and recycle whenever possible.

Use environmentally preferred materials.

Clean up residual pollution from past operations in a cost-effective

Work cooperatively with others to further common environmental

Communicate and reinforce this policy throughout the company.



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