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Printech Archive, June, 1999: Re: Regional Ink Disposal Service Offered By PIA of Texas

Re: Regional Ink Disposal Service Offered By PIA of Texas

SSchuler (SSchuler@pimn.org)
Fri, 25 Jun 1999 15:07:55 -0500

Gary & Matt.

What kind of legal liabilities is PIA-Texas assuming by playing a
middle-man role in the transportation and disposal/recycling of a
hazardous waste (ink mixed with HW solvents)? Should there be
mismanagement of this waste and it develops into a superfund site could
PIA-Texas become a PRP? I am no lawyer by any stretch of the
imagination but it seems to me that if a problem does arise with this
service in the future, the printers may have a claim against PIA-Texas
for making faulty arrangements with HEAT. Please let me know what your
law firm thinks about this group buying plan and the risks/liabilities
involved. Thanks.

Scott Schuler
Environmental Director
Printing Industry of Minnesota, Inc.
2829 University Avenue SE, Suite 750
Minneapolis, MN 55414-3222
Fax: 612-379-6030

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> Sent: Friday, June 25, 1999 10:14 AM
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> Subject: Regional Ink Disposal Service Offered By PIA of Texas
> To All:
> I wanted to let you know about an innovative and cost saving program
> that has
> been set up by PIA of Texas for their members. The following is a
> brief
> description and contact information for Matt Kaarela, who set up the
> program
> and is coordinating it.
> Gary Jones
> Regarding waste ink, I set up a group buying program for PIA-Texas
> members
> with a waste hauler/fuels blender called HEAT. The negotiated price
> for
> waste ink is very competitive at $150 for one drum and $90 for 10 or
> more.
> IF you combine waste solvent with waste ink, the price drops even
> further
> to $81 for one drum and $45 for 10 or more. If most printers are
> paying the
> $180-$500 you mentioned, other affiliates might want to consider
> setting up
> a similar group buying program.
> Keep up the good work.
> Matt Kaarlela
> PIA-Texas
> mattk@piatexas.org
> 214/630-8871- phone



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