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Printech Archive, June, 1999: Re: Non haz solvents

Re: Non haz solvents

Brigette Martin (BMARTIN@gulf-states.com)
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 15:00:22 -0500


I am primarily interested in eliminating the hazardous waste factor. I reviewed John Roberts case study with vegetable based washes and noted the pros/cons. Thanks for the insight on actual results from using these materials.

This question has really been sparked due to some new equipment we're looking at and an increase in waste from the brush type blanket wash system. We are communicating with the press manufacturer regarding an impact system, but we will continue to have a problem with solvent used in make ready wash ups. My goal is to find a product that works well, fast, moderate VOCs and flashpoint high enough to keep the waste from needing to be treated as hazardous.




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