Printech Archive, May, 1999: Re: Use of acetone in reformulated products

Re: Use of acetone in reformulated products
Tue, 25 May 1999 17:34:02 EDT


I am not sure how to respond to your observation regarding the fire safety
hazard associated with acetone. While fire safety is a great concern and
needs to be weighed into a decision to use a product, it is not a direct
responsibility of EPA. This is an OSHA issue and just because a material has
a low flashpoint, it should not preclude it from being used in a given
process. The decision to put acetone on the list of exempt VOCs was rather
narrow in that it was based on its photochemical reactivity. There are other
regulations that govern the safe use and storage of the material such as
OSHA's flammable and combustible regulations, Process Safety Management and
EPA's RMP regs.

In addition, there are other reasons why acetone should not be used. For
example in lithographic printing, evaluations have been conducted that
clearly demonstrate it causes excessive blanket swelling and possible
premature wear. It is not an acceptable substitute material for lithography.

Gary Jones



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