Printech Archive, May, 1999: Re: Use of acetone in reformulated products

Re: Use of acetone in reformulated products

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Both acetone and methyl acetate have been delisted as VOCs.
Neither acetone nor methyl acetate have ever been listed as HAPs
nor are they currently listed as TRI chemicals. (Acetone had been
a 313 chemical prior to its delisting.) Acetone wastes as a part
of a spent solvent could meet the F003 definition and acetone
containing materials may meet the D001 characteristic waste
definition due to a low flash point,

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Subject: Re: Use of acetone in reformulated products
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It is delisted as a VOC, but still remains a HAP to my knowledge, so it not
a free lunch. It also is extreamly fast and highly flammable. People usig
it should realize that they may experience insurance issues. Methyl acetate
has also been delisted, but remains a HAP. It may be a better alternative
than acetone.

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