Printech Archive, May, 1999: Re: Use of acetone in reformulated products

Re: Use of acetone in reformulated products

Ravn, Tom (
Tue, 4 May 1999 16:24:06 -0500

It is delisted as a VOC, but still remains a HAP to my knowledge, so it not
a free lunch. It also is extreamly fast and highly flammable. People usig
it should realize that they may experience insurance issues. Methyl acetate
has also been delisted, but remains a HAP. It may be a better alternative
than acetone.

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> Subject: Use of acetone in reformulated products
> I do know that the US EPA has delisted acetone as a VOC which in turn
> has encourged air districts as well as manufacturers to push its use.
> Quite frankly, the delisting of acetone hindered the growing use of
> alternative solvent products, since air districts often find it easier
> to encourage the use of delisted solvents as the "alternative
> product." While the use of acetone may indeed decrease the air
> emissions, it often times increases the amount of hazardous waste
> generated by a facility since acetone is a listed solvent under RCRA.
> My question -- I am beginning to see more acitivty by air districts
> encouraging the use of acetone as an alternative. I had heard months
> back that EPA was considering removing acetone from the list of exempt
> compounds. Does anyone know if this is true? I would appreciate any
> assistance or insight..
> Thanks.
> Marci Kinter
> SGIA International



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