Printech Archive, April, 1999: Re: EPA Method 24A

Re: EPA Method 24A

Marcia Kinter (
Wed, 28 Apr 1999 09:00:05 -0400

I agree with all comments submitted to data on the use of Reference Method 24 or
24A in the permit itself. I concur with Gary Jones' as well as others which
encouraged you to remove the testing requirement. It is onerous as well as costly.

>From the screen printing perspective -- if you are using UV curable ink systems,
then neither 24 or 24A will give accurate results due to the deficincies in the
testing methodology.

All ink manufacuturers supplying ink to the screen industry do include VOC content
figures on their MSDSs. I encourage you to work directly with your ink
manufacuturer as they generally will provide VOC content information based on
formulation data.

Any other questions directly related to screenprinting, please feel free to contact
me directly.

Marci Kinter
SGIA International



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