Printech Archive, April, 1999: Re: Erroneous msds

Re: Erroneous msds

Tower Products Inc (
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 17:14:15 -0400

This is a clear case of a suppliers credibility to do business. They
should be able to produce documentation, from an outside lab, that has
experience doing EPA 24 testing. This is the only standard we have, even
if we all hate it! If they can't back it up, the customer should buy

The test results can then be reviewed by the customer, and they can make an
independent decision on whether to believe the supplier data or the
independent lab data. Ultimately, it's the customer's responsibility to
determine what is right for the application and their permit and reporting
situation. Ignorance is not an option under the law.

One rule of thumb, from a manufacturer that holds a US Patent in low
emissions washes, if the product evaportates on press similar to a
conventional solvent wash, it probably isn't a zero VOC or even a low VOC
product. There is a big difference between low VOC products and low Vapor
Pressure products. EPA 24 is the true decider. In other words, if it
sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I hope this helps.

Rick Principato
Tower Products



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