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Re: Erroneous msds

John Calpakis (
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 16:56:00

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OSHA requires listing of "Hazardous" chemicals by name. (If present in
more than 10% by weight or 1% by weight in case of carcinogens). Generic
listing as VOC is not appropriate unless Propritery trade secrect is claime=
by the manufacturer. If %age by wight or volume of each component is not
known Product can be described as a Mixture and then all components by
name can be listed with total content of 40%. If this is propely done
it will reveal how volatile the wash is.


Koshik Patel
Calcorp Resources Inc.

From: "Hensel, Donald" <>
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Subject: Erroneous msds
Date: 4/6/99 9:30 AM

One of our Newspaper Association of America members requested information
how to convince (or force) a vendor to correct the erroneous VOC % listed
the msds for their blanket wash. The vendor is marketing the blanket
as "environmentally friendly" (0% VOC) when in fact Method 24 analysis
repeatedly shows nearly 100% VOC.

Anyone have any ideas?


Donald Hensel, CIH
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