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Re: Erroneous msds

Anita Singh (
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OSHA would respond to this issue as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration they monitor issues related to the safety and health of employees. I believe OSHA is the agency that requires a MSDS to be posted, and not an "environmental" agency.

A MSDS is required to inform employees of what they are working with and they must accurately reflect the contents of the said product. Any company that finds that the MSDS they received from a vendor does not accurately reflect the contents of the vend
or's product should contact OSHA.

NOTE: OSHA may ask the company whether the testing was done at a certified testing laboratory.

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>>> <> 04/06 1:47 PM >>>
Although I do not support the inaccurate information provided by the vendor,
the fact is that the MSDS is a safety data sheet and not an environmental
data sheet. Legally I do not see that they would be in any violation and OSHA
is not the monitor for any environmental information presented on MSDS's.
MSDS's are rarely monitored for safety information let alone environmental

I think the best course of action would be to write a letter to the vendor
and manufacturer stating the inaccuracy and then look at using another
product, from another vendor.

Rick Hartwig



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