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Re: Erroneous msds

Henry Boyter Jr. (
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 15:13:24 -0400

I would definitely say that I was switching vendors and asking
OSHA and EPA for advise on how to handle. Don't threaten, just
say you are going to ask for advice.

BUT FIRST !!!! Do you know what the VOC is?
Have they given an explaination?
Remember some solvents are not regulated VOCs now,
but may show up as a 24/24A (acetone is an example I believe).
You could have one of the exceptions.

Dr. Henry Boyter, Jr. Ph.D. Chemist

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Subject: Erroneous msds

One of our Newspaper Association of America members requested information on
how to convince (or force) a vendor to correct the erroneous VOC % listed on
the msds for their blanket wash. The vendor is marketing the blanket wash
as "environmentally friendly" (0% VOC) when in fact Method 24 analysis
repeatedly shows nearly 100% VOC.

Anyone have any ideas?


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