Printech Archive, April, 1999: Historical Studies On Pollution From Printing

Historical Studies On Pollution From Printing
Thu, 4 Mar 1999 00:08:53 EST

In response to a question posted to the list serve about historical studies on
pollution from the printing industry, I prepared the following response. I
thought the list serve subscribers would find the information interesting.

Gary Jones

There is one publication that you might be able to get at a library called The
Environmental Aspects of Chemical Use In The Printing Industry
(EPA-560/1-75-005). It was published in 1975.
Another good source of data on wastewater discharges would be the record
associated with the decision to exclude printing from categorical pretreatment
standards which was made on September 30, 1983. There was a five-year study
conducted on effluents from printers and a document entitled "Summary of
Available Information on the Levels and Control of Toxic Pollutant Discharge
in the Printing and Publishing Point Source Category" should still be

Since most of the regulatory activity associated with the printing industry is
air related, the dockets and supporting information on the RACT rule for
Flexography and Rotogravure released in 1978 (EPA 450/2-78-033), New Source
Performance Standard for Publication Rotogravure background document released
in 1980 (EPA 450/3-80-031a) and more recently, the draft
CTG for Offset Lithography and the accompanying ACT as well as the MACT
standard for Printing and Publishing. Some of the background info is available
from Dave Salman at 919/541-0859. Also, I have several studies/proceedings
from conferences held in 1970, 1971, and 1972 which has some good information.
There is also several background studies form California dating to 1980
regarding control measures for VOC emissions from the Graphic Arts Industry.
Several very technical studies on air pollution emissions from lithographic
presses were conducted in the early 1970s and summary papers were published in
the Air and Waste Management journal.

I hope this helps in your quest for information.
Gary Jones



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