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Copper & Lead free water based inks

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This inquiry was posted from the PNEAC web site. This may be useful information to many of you Printech & Printreg users.

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Copper pigments are primarily used in the thalo blue and thalo green inks.
There are substitutes that are copper free; however, most printers do not
like the final visual appearance of the substitutes.

Most ink suppliers have been "unleaded" for the past 10 years - that is,
lead is not added into the ink. However, due to the formulation methods, it
is possible that "trace amounts" of lead may be in any given formulation.

All of the larger ink vendors (and many of the smaller ones) would be
willing to discuss particular issues with your inks in more detail. As far
as I know, all of the larger ink vendors are able to provide substitutes for
the thalo blue and thalo green pigments in a particular ink (depending upon
the printing substrate). Contact your ink supplier for more detailed
information. If they are unable to help you out, contact us again via
e:mail and I can give you more detailed information.

Karen Gross
Marble Enterprises Inc.

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>This Ask PNEAC question is from:
>Todd Y. Suyemasa
>Industrial Assessment Center
>Can anyone provide any ink manufacturers that produce copper and lead free
water-based inks?
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