Printech Archive, January, 1999: Re: Shop towels: Launderable vs. disposable

Re: Shop towels: Launderable vs. disposable

Robert Gifford (
Wed, 20 Jan 1999 10:59:11 -0500

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There is presently no federal requirement for centrifuging launderable shop

towels before they are sent off-site to your laundry service. The present

regulation that the EPA is working on does not specifically require

centrifuging either, however it does seem to be presented in a manner that

shows that it would be a "preferred" method of "drying" shop rags before

they are sent off-site.

While we are all waiting for a final regulation that will hopefully provide

some direction and clarification to the states as to the "status" of soiled

shop towels; I wanted to clarify this point, as there are additional costs

to consider with the installation of a centrifuge. Class I, Div I electrical

components, the installation of a self contained room with explosion relief

panels, personnel training, etc. all start to come into play after the initial

purchase price is settled on.

At present, DOT regulations or state specific interpretations rule how rags are

dealt with, but it seems that in any case where rags are transported, the

requirement is that there are no "free-liquids" in the containers when they

are transported. Centrifuging isn't the only way that the rags may be dried.

Jason Bowker



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