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Re: Shop towels: Launderable vs. disposable

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A rental program with a reputable launderer can be a hassle free way to
reduce cost and environmental liability. Be aware though, that laundries
are experiencing similar tightening of limits on their water discharges and
are preparing for categorical standards which may knock many out of

You should ask your perspective laundry services if they are actually
cleaning the towels or farming them out to other laundries to avoid the
environmental issues themselves. Audit them as you would a waste treatment

AbsorbTech offers cleaning of your rags or economical rental of high quality
cotton wipes with many added benefits, including:

Supplying resealable containers for shipping.
Solvents recovered prior to cleaning and quantities reported to you monthly,
quarterly or annually.
All printer wipes are metal-detected prior to final inspection.
Quarterly recaps to verify cost savings.
ISO 9002 certified operation.
For much more information contact Kevin Mackey at 219-271-1900 or email at
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Subject: Shop towels: Launderable vs. disposable

>Forwarded on behalf of Tory Duncan:
>> I am working with a printer here in Nebraska on several issues, but one
>> particular issue that has come up is that of Launderable shop towels vs.
>> Disposable towels.
>> The question posed to these listserve members is: In trying to alleviate
>> hazardous waste issues from the shop, which type of towel is the best?
>> My suggestions have been to switch to launderable rags, and stray away
>> from disposable rags. Is this right. I know in either sense the wastes
>> from these rags have to be disposed of in some manner either by the shop
>> or the laundry service, but which is the best suggestion to lend
>> printers when making my final report to them?
>> Your help will be greatly appreciated
>> Tory Duncan
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