Printech Archive, January, 1999: Air Filtration to Remove Solvent From Digital Printing Ink

Air Filtration to Remove Solvent From Digital Printing Ink

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Fri, 15 Jan 1999 14:25:30 -0600

This question was posted from the PNEAC Web Site. I will forward responses to the originator.

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I am inquiring if you would have any information that I could get about a filtering system that can be used to filter the air of a room that will have a type of Digital Screen Printer in it. The printer is a new product that uses 3M Screen Printer'
s ink in a higher solvent base to keep them in a more liquid format. From what I am told that all the components are the same, it is just more solvent.
If you could email me, or call me we can talk about the options, or concerns prior to the building of the room, that it will be in, and the airflow system that will keep its air clean.
Thank you for your help, look forward to talking with you.

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