Printech Archive, January, 1999: Guidelines for Working with UV inks and lights

Guidelines for Working with UV inks and lights

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What guidelines are available for working around UV inks and UV lights?


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I will gather some information and probably get back to you some time next week. For the most part - the lights must be shielded to protect employees from exposure to UV. The equipment manufacturer can also provide additional information on this. You
may also want to investigate warning signs for plant entrance doors, etc. to warn visitors and employees of this equipment.

When working with the inks review the Personal Protective Equipment section of the MSDS. UV inks are prone to causing skin irritation and should be given all due respect. Nitrile gloves and aprons are usually recommeded.

Please check the PNEAC web site's fact sheet and case study section for more helpful information. Also, if you did not attend the Dec. 2, 1998 Screen Printing Videoconference - you can obtain video tapes and the workbook from us. There is also more inf
o on the web site about this.

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