Printech Archive, December, 1998: Re: Effect of fluorescent light on UV inks

Re: Effect of fluorescent light on UV inks
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 16:52:08 EST


After checking with our technical staff, they are not aware of any direct
references for your question. However, they have had experiences where UV
radiation from fluorescent lights had cause premature ink drying problems on
press. Typically, fluorescent lights do not cause a problem, but when the ink
or coating has higher levels of photoinitiators added, then a problems have
been experienced. The problem is also tied to the type of lighting system used
at the facility. The large mercury vapor lamps seem to more problematic than
traditional fluorescent lights. There is company, UV Process Supply, that
sells filters for fluorescent lights and they may have some references on this
subject. They can be reached at 1-888UVLAMPS or Also, you
may want to contact RADTECH as it is their business to focus on UV curing
technologies. They are at 847-480-9576 and Alex Ross, who works for RADTEC,
can be reached at

Gary Jones



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