Printech Archive, December, 1998: Re: UV ink disposal

Re: UV ink disposal
Tue, 15 Dec 1998 16:37:48 EST


For the most part, uncontaminated UV inks and coatings should not be
considered hazardous. They will not exhibit the characteristic of ignitability
and should also pass TCLP for metals. UV cured inks and coatings typically do
not have any F, P, K or U listed chemicals in them. I would be concerned about
the presence of other contaminants such as cleaning solvents or isopropyl
alcohol. It can take as little as 5% IPA for a waste to exhibit a flash below
140 deg. F. Unless the waste has been previously profiled, it would be best to
have it evaluated. Typically, the vendor who takes the waste will profile the
waste and will test for flashpoint, metals, BTU value, water content, etc.
Some vendors charge for this, while others do not. If the waste is evaluated,
please send me a copy of the results.

Once the waste has been profiled, then it would be best to have the waste ink
disposed of in a permanent fashion such as incineration. If the ink is
characterized as nonhazardous, then it could be solidified and landfilled.
However, this practice introduces Superfund liability and should be avoided
because we have had members (printers) caught in cleanups due to landfilled
ink waste.

Gary Jones



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