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Re: Press Cleaner

Lyle Van Vleet (
03 Dec 98 10:44 -0600

Kathy Pfeiffer:

We are a general commercial sheet-fed printer. Over the years we have made
several changes to our cleaning chemistries with varying success. Currently
we are using Mineral Sprits as our general blanket and roller wash.
Although this is a straight solvent (100% VOCs) it has a very low vapor
pressure (4 mmHg). The low vapor pressure makes it possible to recover
50-60% of the waste solvent from the soiled shop towels. This basic solvent
does require more "elbow grease", but it is very cheap ($1.00/gal.).

We also use in our automatic blanket washers: Hydro-Dynamic Products Ltd.
"Tonic-FR" (K-B Litho Supply, 816/ 241-3070); and Seibert Inc. "BL-7 Blanket
Wash" (Seibert, 708/ 442-2010). Both have less than 2% VOCs, and both are
derived from vegetable oil.

We have tried cleaners used by the non-heatset news printers, but have not
had success on presses using commercial sheet-fed inks (cure by

...........Lyle Van Vleet

===== Original Message from KPFEIFFE@PSI (Pfeiffer, Kathy)
{} at 12/02/98 5:06 pm
>I'm currently using an Autowash 6000 press cleaner and am looking for a low
>VOC alternative that really works. Any suggestions?
>Kathy Pfeiffer
>Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation

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