Printech Archive, November, 1998: Re: Disposal of Flexographic Ink

Re: Disposal of Flexographic Ink

Thu, 19 Nov 1998 16:32:54 -0500

It seems to me the first thing that must be done is a hazardous waste determination. Does the ink have any characteristics of a hazardous waste? Is it ignitable? combustible? corrosive? reactive? Would it have any components that are listed wastes in
40 CFR Part 261?

Once you've done your hazardous waste determination, you then will proceed with disposing of the material. If the material is a hazardous waste, 40,000 pounds at one time would immediately make you a large quantity generator under RCRA, which in Indiana
means you must pay a fee and follow all associated LQG rules, which can be quite daunting.

Any re-use opportunities? What about waste/materials exchanges? Indiana and many other states have them now. What about calling the flexo trade associations to see if anyone could use the ink to make black ink or whatever.

Landfills are permitted for clean fill, municipal solid waste, special waste, and hazardous waste. Other permits are also available, I believe and every state has their own wrinkles, I'm sure.

If the material is neither a hazardous nor a special waste, it can be disposed of in a regular municipal solid waste facility - this would include solid waste incinerators.

The typical caveats apply here. I would highly suggest that Harry call the regulatory agency and make sure everything is OK with them. Also, be sure all DOT rules are followed when transporting this material.

Hope this helps.

Dave Wintz

>>> Robert Gifford <> 11/19/98 01:25PM >>>

Can someone provide information to answer this question?

Harry Carter wrote:
> I am presently trying to dispose of 40,000 lbs of Flexographic Ink
> that was manufactured by Morrison Ink Company of Cleveland, OH.
> I have found a company in Alabama that has offered a price of
> $ 72.00 per 55 gallon drum for transportation and disposal and
> another quote of $ 63.00 per 55 gallon drum for disposal in a
> certified industrial landfill. Do you have any ideas?
> I have very little knowledge on "certified industrial landfills" do
> you have any information on them.
> Any assistance is appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Harry Carter
> Commodity Recycling, Inc
> Richmond, VA 23234
> (O) 804 231-0739
> (F) 804 231-0785

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