Printech Archive, November, 1998: P2 For Heatset Web Offset Litho Presses

P2 For Heatset Web Offset Litho Presses
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 12:12:25 EST

Here is a question from the web page and my response that I thought would be
of interest.

Gary Jones

Are web printing presses generally required to use an afterburner to control
VOC emissions? Are there any P2 alternatives?

Dear Neil:

It is not clear from the nature of your question, it is not clear as to what
particular type of printing processes your question address. If it is
lithographic, then the short answer to your question is yes. At this point,
the only way to reduce emissions from heatset web offset lithographic presses
is with the use of an afterburner. There is no technology on the market that
allows this process to work without having ink oil (the VOC) in the ink. The
ink oil is the solvent. However, its reactivity is very low and there is a
petition before EPA to exempt it as a VOC. Please email with other questions.

Gary Jones



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