Printech Archive, November, 1998: Re: Paper Acid Testing Solution

Re: Paper Acid Testing Solution

Jeff Adrian (
05 Nov 98 13:18:08 +0000

Re: Paper Acid Testing Solution 11/5/98
Curt & Printech:
A possible source for specialty chemicals, such as paranitroaniline solution, may be Aldrich Chemical Company which is, I believe, located in the Milwaukee metro area.
Aldrich Chemical is a manufacturer that will sell directly to the end user. The contact name I have is Mike Schuck, who spoke at last May's Federation of Environmental Technologists Seminar in Milwaukee. Sorry I don't have a phone number for you.

Regards, Jeff Adrian

Schmidt, Curt.C wrote:
>Is anyone familiar with "Paper Acid" (paranitroaniline solution)?
>Apparently it's a concoction used by paper companies to test recycled paper
>for starch content. (Most paper companies make it up themselves.) It's
>sprayed on paper & the color change allows the sorting of general ledger
>paper from recycled ground wood paper. This allows the proper & efficient
>sorting of recycled paper (i.e. it saves a lot of $). Admin sorting is
>difficult due to the variety & quantity of paper used.
>It's made up of methanol (or denatured alcohol), HCl and powered
>paranitroaniline & H2O. It's been brought to our attention that our paper
>recycling personnel have been using some for quite some time (provided by a
>paper company).
>Aside from some obvious regulatory (MSDS, etc.) issues, we're obviously
>concerned about the use of this rather nasty (corrosive, poison, flammable)
>stuff. I'm told that some other paper test methods (pens, kits) have been
>tried, but haven't worked satisfactorily).
>Two questions:
>1) Our PREFERENCE is to get rid of this nasty stuff & replace it with a
>safer, yet effective way to test recycled paper.
>2) If an effective substitute isn't available, then we'd obviously want to
>purchase this stuff from a commercial source (with supplied MSDS's, proper
>labeling, etc.). I'd be interested in any chemical vendors that could
>commercially supply this.
>Thanks for anything you can share.
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