Printech Archive, November, 1998: Paper Acid Testing Solution

Paper Acid Testing Solution

Schmidt, Curt.C (
Thu, 5 Nov 1998 10:25:55 -0600

Is anyone familiar with "Paper Acid" (paranitroaniline solution)?
Apparently it's a concoction used by paper companies to test recycled paper
for starch content. (Most paper companies make it up themselves.) It's
sprayed on paper & the color change allows the sorting of general ledger
paper from recycled ground wood paper. This allows the proper & efficient
sorting of recycled paper (i.e. it saves a lot of $). Admin sorting is
difficult due to the variety & quantity of paper used.

It's made up of methanol (or denatured alcohol), HCl and powered
paranitroaniline & H2O. It's been brought to our attention that our paper
recycling personnel have been using some for quite some time (provided by a
paper company).

Aside from some obvious regulatory (MSDS, etc.) issues, we're obviously
concerned about the use of this rather nasty (corrosive, poison, flammable)
stuff. I'm told that some other paper test methods (pens, kits) have been
tried, but haven't worked satisfactorily).

Two questions:

1) Our PREFERENCE is to get rid of this nasty stuff & replace it with a
safer, yet effective way to test recycled paper.

2) If an effective substitute isn't available, then we'd obviously want to
purchase this stuff from a commercial source (with supplied MSDS's, proper
labeling, etc.). I'd be interested in any chemical vendors that could
commercially supply this.

Thanks for anything you can share.




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