Printech Archive, October, 1998: Re: Source for Estimating Litho Ink Coverage

Re: Source for Estimating Litho Ink Coverage

Wayne Pferdehirt (
Fri, 2 Oct 1998 18:12:35 CST

My understanding is that there is such a guide avaialable from the
National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers. Try calling
George Fuchs, Envir. Affairs Coord. for NAPIM, at 201/288-9454.

> Forwarded to Printech from D. Eggleston of CA:
> Does anyone know where I can get some authoritative data for
> estimating litho ink coverage on various types of substrates? I
> have a matrix that estimates amount of ink per square-inch, and
> covers most inks and substrates, but there is no reference as
> to who made the matrix or where the information came from. I
> use this matrix to calculate the ink emissions portion of the
> potential to emit for new or modified presses, and I am
> concerned that I cannot verify the source and validity if
> questioned by our local regulatory agency.

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