Printech Archive, October, 1998: Re: mercury in inks?

Re: mercury in inks?
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 09:03:33 EST

As a follow up to the question on mercury in flexo inks, here is additional
information from Fred Shapiro:

Years ago there may have been some amounts of mercury found in some flexo
inks. These would have generally been the yellows and cadmium reds. But the
amount present would have only been trace amounts if any at all. It would be
inconcevible for any of these mercury containing inks to be in use today.
Flexo inks are not currently manufactured in the USA with this element.
However, there is the possibility that foreign countries still use inks
containing mercury, but they must seek approval through customs before
importing any product manufactured with this substance into the US.

Rick Hartwig



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