Printech Archive, October, 1998: Re: Indoor air quality in print shops

Re: Indoor air quality in print shops

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> In a 10/23/98 message, Dr. Eng. Sergio Cavalerri asks for information on
>ozone emissions from UV lamps used in the printing industry. Dr. Cavallari
>should not worry.
> The amount of ozone generated by such lamps is exceedingly small . These
>lamps give a steady state concentration, while running, of less than 0.02
>parts/million. This is about 1/5 of the 0.1 ppm allowed for continuous
>exposure to ambient ozone as specified by the American Conference of
>Government Hygenists. At this level, the ozone is barely detectable by a very
>sensitive human nose.
>Alexander Ross, Ph.D.
>RadTech International, N.A.

Just as a side note to the Ozone issue from 10/23/98. Ozone is a very
unstable molecule and will oxidize materials in the air and quickly
breakdown to form oxygen. Just don't sniff the lamps will they are on and
there should not be a problem.

Carl Sharp
Printing Indust. Assoc.
of the Heartland



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