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Mike Ukena (
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 19:11:15 -0400

Sorry for my late response...I was out of town with and my laptop was not

There are several companies that specialize in "friendlier" chemicals for
use in cleaning screens. The following list will give you a good starting
list to recommend.

1. Chemical Consultants
1850 Wild Turkey Circle
Corona, CA 91720

2. Intercontinental Chemical Company
ICC Chemicals Division
4660 Spring Grove Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45232

3. Autotype Americas (distributors of CPS Chemicals in the U.S)
2050 Hammond Drive
Schaumburg, IL 60173

There are more, but these are the larger companies in the screen field that
make "safer" chemicals for all aspects of screen and shop cleaning.

Good luck.

Mike Ukena

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A screen printer using Nazdar 5700 Series ink (solvent based) to print
signs on metal and/or plastic substrates currently uses MIBK
(methylisobutylketone) on rags to clean ink off screens.

Any suggestions for alternate products for screen cleaning? Preferably a
product that won't lead to Hazardous Waste generation (Flash Point >140
F). (I have given him a copy of the EPA DfE study summary report.)

Thanks for your assistance.

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