Printech Archives, September 1998: Assessment for Newspaper Printer

Assessment for Newspaper Printer

Wayne Pferdehirt (
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 09:32:35 CST

Forwarded from Phil Sacks, of U of FL:


We have recently performed an assessment for a newspaper printing
company. We are having some difficulty finding energy, waste, and
productivity improvement recommendations to relay to the company. If
anyone has any information which they feel would be helpful, we would
appreciate a response.

The company has 2 presses, uses water-based ink, and recycles just
about everything, including aluminum plates and negatives. We are
already considering high-efficiency lighting and motors, occupancy
sensors, air-compressors, A/C, forklifts, and pallets.

Thanks in advance for you help,

Philip Sacks
University of Florida
Industrial Assessment Center



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