Printech Archives: August, 1998: ink on metal substrate

ink on metal substrate

Frantz-ENV, George (
Fri, 7 Aug 98 11:51:30 EDT

OTA is working with a company that prints (litho) on metal... aluminum, brass
and steel. They currently use solvent based inks to print and lacquer
thinner as a blanket wash.

They're aware of the environmental problems, but haven't been able to get
standard litho inks to adhere to the substrate, and even tho they tried a
number of blanket washes, haven't found a reasonable substitute. The solvent
inks seem to work better possibly because of the solvent content, which seems
to clean the substrate so that the ink adheres better.

I'd appreciate it if someone is familiar with these processes, and could make
a few suggestions.

George Frantz MA/OTA 617-727-3260



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