Printech Archives, July, 1998: New Video Available from US EPA's DfE Flexography Project

New Video Available from US EPA's DfE Flexography Project

Tue, 30 Jun 1998 10:16:40 -0400

Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 10:16:40 -0400
Subject: New Video Available from US EPA's DfE Flexography Project

Inside Flexo: A Cleaner Run for the Money (EPA/744-V-98-001)
19 minutes; April 1998

This video provides useful tip to flexographic printers for working more
efficiently and saving money, while improving the environment. Veteran
printers share their success stories in the following areas: (1) managing
inks efficiently, (2) printing successfully with alternative inks, (3) making
the best use of press return inks, (4) using new cleaning methods that
improve efficiency, and (5) improving the bottom line through sound
environmental practices.

The Design for the Environment (DfE) Flexography Project is a voluntary
effort between the flexographic printing industry and the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency. Project partners -- including seven
trade associations representing over 1,600 flexographic printers as well
as ink manufacturers -- are currently evaluating solvent, waterborne,
and ultraviolet-cured flexographic ink technologies. The goal of the
Project is to provide flexographers with information that can help them
design an operation that is more environmentally sound, safer for
workers, and more cost-effective.

Inside Flexo is available, free of charge, by contacting EPA's Pollution
Prevention Information Clearinghouse (PPIC) at 202/260-1023 or To learn more about the EPA's DfE Program and its
Flexography Project, visit the DfE Website at

Karen Seeh
U.S. EPA Design for the Environment (DfE) Program
401 M Street, SW (7406)
Washington, DC 20460

ph: 202-260-1714
fx: 202-260-0981

DfE Website:
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