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Printech Archives, May 1998: Re: alternative roller deglazers

Re: alternative roller deglazers

Wayne Pferdehirt (
Fri, 29 May 1998 11:57:03 CST

I realize that some folks have difficulty opening attachments, so I
am resending the message from Rick Hartwig and Gary Jones, which I
wanted to make sure was readable to all Printech subscribers.

> From: Rick Hartwig

> Lisa:
> This response is from Gary Jones.
To: Lisa Hurban

From: Rick Hartwig

Re: Alternative Solvents

Gary Jones asked me to provide you with the following response
regarding alternative solvents. The following products could be used
as alternative solvents which you requested as not containing xylene
or acetone. Keep in mind that the absense of xylene and/or acetone
does not necessasarily make the solvent environmentally safer, nor is
it made safer to use. Also, some of these products are liquid and some
are pastes. The paste type products require additional clean up after
application which can defeat some pollution prevention efforts.

Varn - "Take It Off" -B014255 (paste) 800-336-8276
Varn - "Overnite" - B014277 800-336-8276

A-Korn - "Roll Kleen Paste" - (paste) 312-254-5700

Anchor - "Enviropaste" - 8175 (paste) 904-264-3500
Anchor - "Ultra Glaze" - 7000 904-264-3500

Burnishine - "Liquid Putz Pomade" 847-263-3500
Burnishine - "Putz Pomade" (paste) 847-263-3500

AB Dick - "Ink Roller Deglazer" - 4-4978 847-779-2844
AB Dick - "Offset Glaze Remover" - 4-4968 847-779-2844

RBP - "CAL Free" 414-258-0911

Rapid Blanket Restorer, Corp. - "Deep Clean" 330-821-6326

Van Son - "Easy Street" 708-439-8783