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Printech Archives, May 1998: Re: Ink Meters

Re: Ink Meters

Jeff Adrian (
27 May 98 10:08:26 -0600

Re: Ink Meters 5/27/98
Curt & Printechers:

For several years now we have used ink meters on our web presses. These meters are made by Baldwin. On each color line we have installed 2 readouts driven by the same sensor. The first readout is non-resettable, giving total ink transmission, and the second readout is resettable, for tracking ink consumption on each individual job (the later for our purposes, not because of regulatory requirements).

My recollection is that these ink meters (measuring heads and readouts, 4 sets per press for the process colors) cost in the neighborhood of $8,000 (each press). I hope this will get you started.

Jeff Adrian
The John Roberts Company
Schmidt, Curt.C wrote:
>I'm looking for some info on where to purchase press ink meters (&
>approximately how much they cost) for use with offset litho heatset web
>presses. Due to a recent, favorable change in our state air rules (& an
>emissions test last month), we will soon be able to take advantage of
>condenser/filter VOC control technology under our current air permit (we
>have 3 units servicing 7 heatset web presses). >
>However, to get optimum benefit, we need to know how much ink each of the 3
>units eventually treats. (This is because the tested VOC
>Destruction/Removal Efficiency on the 3 units varied; we'd like to avoid
>simply defaulting to the most conservative DRE.)



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