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Printech Archives, May 1998: Re: Soy ink melting in laser printers, copiers

Re: Soy ink melting in laser printers, copiers

Robert Gifford (
Tue, 26 May 1998 14:28:43 -0500


This [edited] inquiry and response provides information from the National
Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers.

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
From: Richard Incontro

Dear Mr. Gifford,
In general I am told that soy oil do not "dry" as fast as conventional
inks. Please realize that ink companies have addressed these issues and I
find it hard to believe that [the printer] is not being serviced by their
ink supplier. I also am aware that ink suppliers sell special ink for
Laser printers since they do not waqnt to pay for the replacement parts in
the laser printer.

Please identify the ink supplier [for the printer]. Or would you like me
to recommend ink companies in the area who could address these issues?

Richard Incontro

Robert Gifford wrote:

> Richard,
> I recently came across two objections to the use of soy oil inks by a
> general purpose printing office.
> 1) The oil dries at unpredictable rates.
> 2) The inks will melt when re-heated. This was stated as a concern
> for letterhead which would be reprinted in a copier or laser printer.
> Can you or someone at NAPIM provide me with information addressing the
> validity of these complaints, including any technical information or
> anecdotal evidence?-



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