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Printech Archives, May 1998: Soy ink melting in laser printers, copiers

Soy Ink Melting in Laser Printers, Copiers

Robert Gifford (
Tue, 26 May 1998 14:23:13 -0500

Printech subscribers:

A newsletter from a local print shop contained the following quote:

"[We] use only high quality, petroleum-based inks for
offset work. The soy oil-based inks that some printers use dry more slowly
and at unpredictable rates. So soy is probably not the best ink to satisfy
today's hurried customer. Also, soy ink melts at high temperatures. So
it's not the best choice for letterhead and other documents that will get
second use, that is, documents that will be put through a photocopier or
laser printer."

The shop's production manager indicated that parrafins were the portion of
the ink which was melting. He also noted that he believed that there were
soy inks which would not melt, but that his ink purchasing options were
somewhat constrained by company contracts.

Are you aware of similar concerns?
Have you had experience with soy inks in these applications?
(Is your letterhead printed with soy ink?)

I will post some correspondence with ink specialists on this issue.

Bob Gifford



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