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Printech Archives, May 1998: Re: Disposal/Recycling Gravure Inks

Re: Disposal/Recycling Gravure Inks

Judy Jakobsen (
Thu, 21 May 1998 08:49:26 -0400

Have you tried contacting waste exchanges in the area. New Hampshire
has wastecap phone # 603-224-5388 or email nhmex@aol.com

Judy Jakobsen

I have a client who is a former printer (gravure on polyethylene) who has about 4,500 pounds of various (3 or 4)types of Sun Chemical pigments in a solvent base. These are left over from about two years ago when they stopped this process. They are looking to get this material to anyone who can use it. They state that the materials might also be used for screen printing. They might also print onto polyester or PVC.



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