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Printech Archives, May 1998: Re: Formation/Traning of Occ Hygienists

Re: Formation/Traning of Occ Hygienists

Jeff Adrian (
14 May 98 11:05:45 -0600

Re: Formation/Traning of Occ Hy
5/14/98 10:44 AM
Wayne, Gerhard & Printechers
I checked with our ISO 9000 team on your question and was not able to
uncover any examples they knew of where quality principals per se were used
to improve content or delivery of occupational health courses.

However, quality principals include the concepts of self-evaluation (or
auditing) and review and corrective action. In that sense, I can relate
that this company last year utilized two different tools to improve both
content and delivery of safety knowledge. The first tool was a comprehensive
"training needs assessment" that covered all areas, ie: work skills;
safety and environmental; computer training; interpersonal skills; etc. From
this tool we learned that our supervisors' perception of both importance
and skill related to safety was considerably lower than their employees.
The second tool was a comprehensive "blind" interview of about 10% of our
employees, randomly selected, as to how we we were doing in our safety
This tool was performed by our insurer's loss control specialist, and
from it we were able to get not only a reading of our current programs, but
also a blueprint for future improvement.

Together, both tools helped us develop: 1) a new departmental safety
training program gievn by supervisors monthly, supplementing our annual
training programs; 2) a new program to provide departmental safety orientation
for new employees, supplementing our scheduled monthly new employee
training; 3) a new facility-wide inspection program that pairs one supervisor and
one safety committee member each inspection cycle to conduct, record and
present inspection results to all supervisors at the following week's
Safety Committee Meeting.

I hope this gives you some ideas.

Jeff Adrian
The John Roberts Company



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