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Printech Archives, May 1998: No Process Plates

No Process Plates

Schmidt, Curt.C (
Wed, 13 May 1998 11:17:36 -0500

We currently testing "no process" plates for use in our sheetfed printing
operations. These are plates that right after exposure can be put on the
press. As the name implies, no processing is needed so plate processing
chemistry is eliminated.

However, commonly what happens with this type of product is that the vendor
increases the price of the plate to a level that offsets any monetary
savings of chemistry and processor costs.

I'm putting together some EHS / P2 justification for moving ahead with this
& I'm looking for any relevant information/supporting documentation. I'm
interested in all EHS / P2 benefits (of eliminating the use of any or all of
our plate developers and finishers), and especially those benefits that I
can put a dollar value on.

Comments/thoughts/opinions/ideas would be appreciated!


Curt C. Schmidt, CHMM



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