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Printech Archives, May 1998: Re: Printwise

Re: Printwise

Jeff Adrian (
13 May 98 08:31:32 -0600

Re: Printwise
5/13/98 8:21 AM
Printwise was a ink system developed by Deluxe Corporation. The key
benefit of this system was that cleanup could be accomplished essentially with
water for oil based Printwise inks. The John Roberts Company was a beta
test site for this ink system a few years ago. While the Printwise system
had tremendous potential through reduced VOCs encountered in cleanup using
petroleum cleaning solvents, there was a major hurdle that was not
overcome. In order for a print facility to benefit from the Printwise system, all
of the inks used at that facility needed to be in the Printwise system,
primarily because continued use of any standard inks and the solvents used
to cleanup those inks would make an extra burden, maybe an impossible one,
to keep the two systems separate (as far as wastes generated).
Theoretically, Printwise inks could be made in any PMS color, but saying that and
doing so are not the same thing. The other major barrier centered on ink
performance. Most printers are somewhat reluctant to "bet the final product"
on something like a radically different ink. If the new ink fails, the
printer takes the hit to replace the product ($), and also has unhappy
customers on his hands (more $)!

I hope this gives you some useful info about Printwise. While it
apparently worked well for Deluxe internally (and may be still working well for
them), it was quite another matter to take the product commercial.

Jeff Adrian
The John Roberts Company

A few years ago there was a company named Printwise that had an
oil-based water-washable lithographic ink system. Are they still in business? If
so, does anybody have a contact name &/or phone number.



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