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Printech Archives, March 1998: Re: Ozone Question

Re: Ozone Question

Douglas Scott (
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 01:41:17 EST

I was not interested in ozone as a pollutant. I realize that the FDA considers
concentrations greater than .05 PPM to be hazardous for humans for prolonged
exposure. Ozone is a safe oxidizing and purifying agent when used in
concentrations less than this. It oxidizes organic gases, etc., and is used
in some purifying systems.
In addition to prevention methods it seems air purification is greatly
needed in many workplaces especially the printing industry. I have approached
a couple of printers and have been met with denial that there is a problem,
even though there are distinct odors of solvents and other VOC's, and in one
T-shirt operation I visited a problem with particulates. Many of the
employees are concerned with the situation but are unwilling to be whistle
blowers. Some are unaware of any health threat. I'm not sure how hard OSHA
or the EPA or whatever gov't agency is working to detect and correct such
problems. I think perhaps many of the owners or in denial of any "problem"and
not worried about liability issues or compliance with regulations they may be


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