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Printech Archives, March 1998: TN Emission Statement

TN Emission Statement

Gary Jones (
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 11:15:41 EST

This response was not orginally posted on the list serve.

Gary Jones

From: GaryJGATF <gjonesprinting@aol.com>


1. The first place to start is to obtain the forms/reporting package that the
state wants you to complete.

2. The second step would be to compile all of you chemical purcahse, waste,
and standing inventory data.

3. The third step would be to calculate the VOC/HAP emissions that occured for
the year and during the ozone season. The ozone season will vary from area to
area and is usually defined in the emission reporting package instructions. If
not there then the state can be contacted. In determining your emissions, you
will need to apply the proper emission and retention factors and if a control
device (e.g., afterburner) is being used to reduce emissions, the appropriate
capture efficiencies and destruction efficiencies.

Also, the state may want information on fuel burning equipment emissions which
would involve natural gas, propane, or fuel oil consumption data.

4. The last step would be to complete the forms.

If you need more help, contact me at 412/741-6860.

Gary Jones


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