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Printech Archives, March 1998: Re: Ozone Question

Re: Ozone Question

Jim Hadley (
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 11:37:19 -0600


Where is the ozone coming from? I have heard about some automatic
platemaking? (I can't quite recall) equipment generating a little ozone.

The ACGIH (http://www.acgih.org) publishes Threshold Limit Values for
workers, the 8-hour Time Weighted Averages for ozone are:
Heavy Work 0.05 ppm
Moderate Work 0.08 ppm
Light Work 0.1 ppm
Less 2 hour exposure, any workload, 0.2 ppm (proposed)

These were revised in 1997, so they probably reflect the latest

For screening, colorimetric ozone badges are available. Workers can
wear these to assess exposure, and they can be read visually-- without
lab azalysis. They cost a few dollars each.

Long-term effects include lung damage, aggravating asthma, etc. Ozone
will damage rubber-- I have heard wind- shield wipers don't last very
long in LA-- luckily it does not rain much there!

Jim Hadley
Lincoln, Nebraska

Doreen Monteleone wrote:
> I'm looking for information on the long term effect ozone can have on plant
> personell? A printer using rubber plates has noticed that they begin to
> dry rot
> immediately in his plant. He's concerned about exposure to his workers.
> Is this an indication of ozone exposure? Any good sources of information on
> this?


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