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Printech Archives, March 1998: Incinerator Efficiency Curves

Incinerator Efficiency Curves

Wayne Pferdehirt (
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 11:39:13 CST

From: "Don Eggleston"<deggleston@osp.ca.gov>

Does anyone know if a set of efficiency curves and or tables
exist for helping to determine what press running parameters
should be in order to attain a certain desired destruction
efficiency of a catalytic incinerator hooked up to a heatset web
press with multiple dryer ovens? Specifically, something like a
matrix relating air flow, amount of ink on the web, catalyst type
and temperature, and resulting hydrocarbon conversion efficiency.

The manufacturer of our system (MEGTEC) does not have this kind
of data, and had no idea as to where it could be obtained, or if
it existed.

What I am trying to do is establish a guideline that allows us to
determine what "real jobs" on the press will give us a good
chance of passing our required emissions testing to show
destruction efficiency. In the past we have been putting on "test
only" jobs that are very costly. I would like to be able to
select actual customer jobs for these tests but I am not sure
which jobs will cause us to pass or fail the emissions testing.


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