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Printech Archives, March 1998: Re: software for small shops

Re: software for small shops

Frantz-ENV, George (
Thu, 12 Mar 98 9:19:02 EST

Re: Scheduling, estimating - and emissions/waste categorization software:

Obviously, the industry is well supplied with ranges of software to handle
estimation and scheduling. Best info on currently superior software, plus
cost and adaptability would probably come from trade associations, ie, GATF,

On the other hand, estimating emissions, waste generation (etc) may be
tougher. In the CSI/Print project, at one point we considered a mechanism
called "Production Efficiency Index" (PEI) which categorized waste and
emissions as a percentage of total production. Tough to do in printing,
because you can't use dollar volume (cost variable), can't use number of
impressions (different sizes and coverage), etc. Best "unit of product" we
could come up with was:

Total Waste (lbs. VOC or HAPs) + lbs haz/waste + lbs pollutant to POTW
cylinder sq/in per year

Where: cylinder sq/in per year = no. impression cyl on each press x width x
circumference x no. impressions (from press counter)

This concept hasn't been fully refined, but may represent a starting point
from which we can derive a reasonable PEI approach. I'd be pleased to hear
comments on this approach or suggestions as to how it might work better.

George Frantz MA/OTA


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