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Printech Archives, March 1998: Re: P2 & Industrial Hygiene Data Kept

Re: P2 & Industrial Hygiene Data Kept

Frantz, George (
Tue, 10 Mar 98 13:35:10 EST

Re: P2 and Industrial Hygiene...

I don't know offhand of printers implementing P2 who also do industrial
hygiene monitoring, but I'll see what I can locate. However, in the broad
context, implementing P2 nearly always has a beneficial impact on EHS for

Doing product substitution and process optimization will nearly always reduce
indoor air exposures for plant workers. Also, if the substitution is done
thoughtfully, the substitute will not just consider regulatory benefits (eg,
lower VOC emissions), but also the individual chemical toxicity, and relate
that back to worker exposures.

I'll circulate this and see if we can document this via any facilities that
do routine employee EHS monitoring.

George Frantz MA/OTA


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