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Printech Archives, March 1998: Re: Energy Recovery

Re: Energy Recovery

Jeff Adrian (
09 Mar 98 14:20:51 +0000


If what you are talking about is the recovery of heat from the clean
exhaust from the thermal oxidizer, you might suggest that the printer look at
some form of heat exchanger to capture this energy. While these units can
be expensive, the heat energy can be used for anything from building
heating/cooling to production needs.

Several sources for specific help include the local natural gas and
electric utilities, as well as suppliers of thermal oxidizers. An example of
the later is Applied Web Systems of Elgin, Illinois. These also supply chill
systems, etc.

Also, for energy conservation, seriously consider a variable drive for
the main induction fan for the oxidizer if it doesn't already utilize such a
drive motor.

Hope this helps.

Jeff Adrian

Kirk Nofzinger wrote:
>I got a call from a printer who is interested in installing some type of
energy recovery equipment on his thermo oxidizer (from his heat set web
presses). Does anyone have any suggestions on equipment types and vendors?


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