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Printech Archives, March 1998: Re: Aqueous Coating Waste

Re: Aqueous Coating Waste

Gary Jones (
Fri, 6 Mar 1998 13:18:10 EST

What type of water-based coating are you using? There are many different
coatings on the market and some of them can contain large amounts of solvent,
even though they are considered water-based! The issue of disposal depends
upon where and how the coating will be disposed. If a printer is on a septic
system, then it can not be "put down the drain". If the printer is connected
to a POTW, then it depends upon the local sewer code and the effluent
characteristics of the facility. Some printers canand do discharge "water-
based" coatings to the POTW without problem. Other printers can and do have to
collect the coating and have it sent off-site for treatement.

Some of the challenges with these coatings are low flash (below 140oF), high
levels of zinc and copper, and color.

Gary Jones


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