Printech Archives, January 1998: Re: Blanket Wash Effective?

Re: Blanket Wash Effective?

Jim Hadley (
Wed, 28 Jan 1998 12:50:16 -0600

Prisco Auto Wash 6000 is approved for use in automatic blanket washing

If the facility in question is using automatic blanket washers, there
are products with very low VOC content available. Baldwin sells a
pre-soaked roll with 5% VOC content for their equipment (Prepac). KB
Litho (Kansas City) sells a <1% VOC product for Heidleburg automatic
blanket washers.

For manual blanket washing, a <3 mmHg, 100% VOC wash is probably the
lowest emitter that will simply dry-off-- the lower VOC washes (<30%)
often require a rinse step which takes more effort when done manually,
though some shops here think the improved indoor odor is worth it.

Information about vendors and products is available on a fact sheet in
our website. (See below.)

P.S. No simple relationship exists between VOC content and vapor
pressure. Lower vapor pressure washes evaporate at slower rates-- so
when combined with tight fitting laundry bins, when not left on counter
tops, etc.-- using them cuts down emissions.

Jim Hadley, PE



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