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Re: Blanket Wash Effective?

Jeff Adrian (
28 Jan 98 11:46:16 +0000


The Prisco Autowash 6000 is classified as a low vapor pressure wash at
2.7 mm Hg. With proper housekeeping, i.e. closed containers for solvent and
for soiled shop towels, this product shouldn't be much a VOC issue, even
for areas of the country in serious, severe or extreme non-attainment. This
is especially true given the total annual usage stated.

The other products listed in the inquiry do have some possiblilities, but
they will likely require considerable changes in work practices, i.e.
precisely how the solvent is used. They also are typically considerably more
expensive on a per gallon basis. Since they clean in a somewhat different
manner, the tendency for many users is to do what they have always done
when the cleaning process appears less effective, and that is to simply add
more solvent. Aside from being very costly, my tests have shown the more
solvent does not improve efficiency and may in fact make things worse.
There is a reason that better manufacturers of these low-VOC products
carefully spell out usage instructions! Determination of suitability is often on
a case-by-case basis.

Jeff Adrian
The John Roberts Company

>This facility is currently using Prisco Auto Wash 6000 for a blanket
wash. The product contains 6.48 lbs VOC/gal; vapor pressure is 2.7 mm Hg;
flash point is 105 F. The facility uses about 600-700 gal/yr. I have been
searching for alternative blanket washes and discovered one possibility in the EPA
Design for Environment Printing Sector project, Cleaner Technologies
Substitute Assessment: Lithographic Blanket Washes. The wash is
identified only by number, 26. Is anyone familiar with the product and its performance
on both heatset and non-heatset webfed litho presses?

>Other possible alternatives that I have encountered are SoyGold which is
made by Ag Environmental Products of Lenexa, KS and Prifer 30303+(or
The Ink Eater) which is made by Unichema and marketed by Flint ink of Detroit,
MI. How well do these products work?
>Does anyone have other suggestions for replacing a petroleum distillate
>blanket wash with a low vapor pressure, less than 30% VOC product?




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