Printech Archives, January 1998: Re: Blanket Wash Effective?

Re: Blanket Wash Effective?

Frantz-ENV, George (
Wed, 28 Jan 98 9:30:39 EST

Re: blanket washes...

Sorry, but I can't help identify the washes used in the DfE study. While the
agency was reluctant to identify brands because of concern over apparent
endorsements, the inability to identify the solutions hampered the effective
implementation of the study's findings.

On the Prisco wash, while it would be good if you find a top-performing wash
that is both low-VOC and low Vapor Pressure, the VP at 2.7 mmHg is really
quite low. EPA has estimated that a VP of 10 mmHg is approximately
equivalent to 30% VOC, so would a 2.7 mmHg wash be the approximate equivalent
of <10%?

I'll be anxious to see what responses you get on the vegetable washes.

George Frantz



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